• Pork rack ribs

    Pork rack ribs served with potatoes and salad
    VND 259.000
  • Korean style chicken wings

    Selected premium chicken, blanketed with our secret flour recipe that turns into super crispy crunchy wings.
    VND 109.000
  • BBQ Chicken Wings

    Our most in-demand starter! Fresh, juicy chicken wings marinated in our own spicy mix, baked until the skin is slight crispy to release the best aroma and guaranteed flavour in every bite.
    VND 109.000
  • Garlic bread

    VND 30.000
  • Platter

    VND 149.000
  • French fries

    VND 54.000
  • Potato basket

    VND 61.000
  • Calamari

    VND 99.000
  • Quesadillas

    A corn Tortilla covered by Crispy Thin Crust with grilled garlic-butter chicken, chilli & tomato sauce
    VND 89.000