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  • Get a 60,000VND voucher from The Pizza Company when you are a new member joining Shopee.
  • E-Voucher offers 60,000VND when ordering The Pizza Company on ShopeeFood at Shopee app for New Customers
How to receive vouchers:
Step 1: Download and register for a Shopee account (Need to verify your phone number)
Step 2: Visit ▶️ and choose gifts from The Pizza Company
Step 3: Click on the gift you want to receive and buy it now for 0VND then enjoy the gift at: (you don't have to spend any money)
Expiry date: until 23:59 on July 10, 2022  
Usage: 1 turn per code
Note: The code is sent to the customer in Me > Card and Service Recharge Application > Paid
Method of application: Discount code of 60,000 VND when ordering at The Pizza Company's restaurant on ShopeeFood at Shopee app. 
Mandatory form of payment: ShopeePay Wallet
Step 1: Access the collection of shops with discount codes here:
Step 2: Choose the item to order
Step 3: Enter the discount code at the checkout step


Terms and condition

  • The discount code value is only applicable on the ordered item value, not applicable to other fees such as shipping fees, service fees...
  • The discount code will be compensated according to Shopee's policy if the order with the discount code applied is canceled before the time the order changes to "Delivered".
  • The discount code is not transferable or exchangeable for cash or exchanged in any way.
  • The discount code is only valid for 1 payment. In case the customer does not use all the value of the discount code in one payment, the remaining value of the discount code will be canceled. If the value of the ordered items exceeds the value of the discount code, the customer must pay for the difference in price.
  • In the event of a claim, Shopee's decision is final. Not applicable to customers who show signs of abuse of the promotion or violation of the Community Standards or Shopee policies, or do not meet the requirements of the program. Customers are responsible for keeping E-Voucher information confidential.
  • In case Shopee detects violations and frauds of the E-Voucher code, Shopee has the right to revoke the code and handle it according to regulations. If you have any questions, please contact Shopee at 19001221 for support. Claim settlement time: Up to 3 days after the code expires.