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Member Policies



1. Scope of application

- TAPTAP is a special point-based platform for customers using food and drink services at The Pizza Company Vietnam restaurant system. 

- TAPTAP is used and applied at The Pizza Company Vietnam restaurant system, and managed by VUI Vietnam Limited Trading Company. 

- By participating in the TAPTAP point accumulation program, customers acknowledge that they have read, understood and agree to these terms and conditions, all policies of the program published publicly on the website will be updated over time. 


2. Rights & Responsibilities 

- The Pizza Company Vietnam may use the information provided by the customers and the data of food service used at The Pizza Company Vietnam restaurants in the execution of marketing plans and activities. All information and data relating to customers are confidential and are NOT allowed to be shared with third parties for marketing or other purposes. 


- The Pizza Company Vietnam reserves the right to request TAPTAP account holders to provide information and/or present valid personal documents before using points and/or receiving incentives in some cases. 

- The Pizza Company Vietnam is exempt from liability in the following cases: 

+ The data processing system, software, signal transmission system crashes, fails, is attacked or for any other objective reasons beyond the control of The Pizza Company Vietnam. 

+ Account is misused or stolen/lost/disclosed of account information but the account holder does not promptly notify The Pizza Company Vietnam. 

- The Pizza Company Vietnam reserves the right to refuse to provide, cancel, reclaim or revoke incentives, points in the account that have been or will receive promotional programs without prior notice to the account owner in the following cases: 

+ Inaccurate and invalid points to the account according to the program's regulations. 

+ The account holder violates the provisions of the program / preferential policy announced by The Pizza Company Vietnam from time to time.

+ In case of force majeure as prescribed by law.


TAPTAP account holder has the right to access and look up personal information, accumulated points in the account through the TAPTAP By VUI Vietnam application of VUI Vietnam Limited Trading Company. 

In case the contact information (phone number, email, etc.) of the account holder has any changes compared to the registered information, the account holder is obliged to contact the customer service department of the TAPTAP application via Hotline 1900 88 88 84 (fee: 1,000VND/minute) or Email to update information.


3. Earning and redeeming points 

All information about accumulating and redeeming points on TAPTAP application, customers can visit website for more reference. 





1. What is the VUI points?

VUI is the reward point accumulated from the purchase of goods and services at TAPTAP's preferential list. 


2. How can I get a VUI point?

When shopping for goods and services at participating stores in the TAPTAP point accumulation program, please select "Tích VUI" button in the app and give it to staff to earn points. 


3. How is the VUI points calculated?

With TAPTAP, the customers' VUI points are always perfect.

Cumulative VUI point is rounded down to unit row: From 1.1 VUI to 1.9 VUI rounded down to 1 VUI.

For example, if you trade in an unit with a 10% accumulation rate: 

- When making a purchase worth 16,000 VND, you will earn 1 VUI

- When making a purchase worth 20,000 VND, you will earn 2 VUI 


4. When do VUI points expire?

All VUI accumulated in the same year will expire at the end of June of the following year.

For example:

- VUI received on December 31, 2019 will expire on June 30, 2020

- VUI received on January 1, 2020 will expire on June 30, 2021


5. Why can't I get a VUI point?

There are 2 scenarios that prevent customers from earning VUI:

- Invalid transaction

- Transactions below regulated limit

Corresponding to each case, customers can:

- Check for valid transactions

- Check the campaign's VUI exchange rate again 


6. Finished payment but not received VUI points?

Customers can:

- Verify that you have presented TAPTAP to staff before making payment

- Turn off the application and try again

- Check internet connection

- Please wait 5-10 minutes





1. How can I get Offers?

Using VUI to redeem your offer is easy, with only 4 steps:

- B1: Go to "Offer"

- B2: Select the voucher you want to redeem

- B3: Select "Change for VUI"

- B4: Confirm “Yes” to add offer to your account


2. The offer cannot be used, what should I do? 

There are many reasons why the voucher cannot be used at the store:

- Right voucher, wrong brand

- Right brand, wrong store

- There is a problem with the barcode scanner

Please turn off the application and try again.


3. Can not buy the offer, what to do? 

Please ensure that the current VUI number is sufficient to redeem the offer. 


4. Where to accumulate points, where to use the offers? 

For brands that have a nationwide store chain, customers can be assured that wherever they go, they will earn VUI.

The location to apply the Offer will be specified in the Terms & Conditions of each Offer. 


5. Is it possible to accumulate VUI/use the Offer when ordering online?

Currently, TAPTAP does not support accumulating VUI/using offers when ordering online.


6. Can I give an Offer to a friend?

Currently, TAPTAP does not support the Offers sending function. 





1. Cannot login due to lack of OTP 

If you still have not received the OTP, please check back to make sure:

- The phone number entered is correct

- This is a Vietnamese mobile subscriber

- Uninstall and reinstall the app, then try to sign in again


2. Where to go to find Offers after successfully redeemed?

Customers go to "Offer", choose "My Offer". Customers can find Offers here under "Expired", "Used" or "Expired".


3. Continuous experience across devices 

With TAPTAP, customers can easily log in at the same time with one account on many different devices.


4. Lost phone SIM

To avoid risks, please contact TAPTAP team to temporarily lock and log out of accounts on connected devices. 


5. Cash payment or bank transfer?

Depending on the specific products and policies of each member unit in the program, bank transfer can be accepted to earn VUI point. 





I want to order/reserve/know more about other promotions at TAPTAP affiliated brands?


Please contact directly by brand's phone number or website for fastest support. Contact information can also be found in the Brand section or under each Offer on TAPTAP. 

If there are any problems of the customer that have not been resolved, please contact the customer service department of TAPTAP application on Hotline 1900 88 88 84 (fee: 1,000VND/minute) or Email for more support.